Chakra Reiki Healing

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Welcome to Chakra Reiki Healing

Chakra Reiki Healing offers the combination of knowledge of the chakras and chakra system of the body in connection with using Reiki healing energy.

Knowledge of the chakras will help the practitioner to better identify specific problems and issues in the client's body during the body scanning technique.

Chakra Reiki healing can use as little as one hand position to focus and direct the energy for a specific ailment or issue. Chakra information for both the physical as well as the emotional state will be covered.

Practitioners will understand and identify conditions of over-active and under-active chakras in order to better help the client to return to a state of balance and wellness.

This energy system can used for both on site training and home study students.

You can use this energy system to send healing energy to people animals, plants, etc.,  who are in your presence or who are far away. You may also send energy in the past to heal old wounds and traumas. You can send Reiki energy into the future to create (manifest) a better, healthier, happier future.

Cost of Certification

Chakra Reiki Healing Level One Certification

Cost: $99 plus $4.99 media mail


Chakra Reiki Healing Level Two Certification.

Cost: $99 plus $4.99 media mail


Chakra Reiki Level Three/Master Level Certification

Cost: $99 plus $4.99 media mail


For more information or Free distant healing, contact me below:

Free Long Distant Healing

For your FREE long distant healing sent my either myself or by one of my students, please drop me an email at the link below.

Love and Light, always

Francine Milford, Grandmaster of the Chakra Reiki Healing system